With this International Research Training Group we are training highly talented graduates to become future leading scientists.
Therefore, in their future working environment, besides a PhD degree, much more skills are necessary.

The IRTG offers:

Additional courses and talks

We are inviting scientists to stay with the IRTG for two to three weeks, e.g., in order to prepare common papers with some graduates. Such joint work with renowned scientists will deepen the graduates’ insight in their research domain and also help them to get access to the international scientific community.

IRTG students cooperate with well-known researchers such as Chuck Hansen (University of Utah), Ron Goldman (Rice University), Subhrajit Guhathakurta (Georgia Tech) etc.


Interaction with partners from different cultures

The members of the IRTG come from many different countries such as Bangladesh, Belarus, Turkey, China, Jordan, Germany, Yemen.

The projects are strongly interlinked, so that the students have to work in teams and thus develop important soft skills in the collaboration with their partners.


Work in interdisciplinary teams

The IRTG encourages work in interdisciplinary teams. Besides a broad knowledge about the respective scientific domain, for every student the communication between the different visualization and application areas involved is crucial for the success of his PhD project.

This will teach their capabilities to successfully organize not only their work but also complex interdisciplinary projects.


Projects in Germany and the U.S.

As the Ph.D. students are working on their projects both in Germany and in the U.S., they get insights into the culture as well as into the educational and professional system of the respective partner country.

Furthermore, they benefit from the additional knowledge of their supervisors in the partner country and they work together with students from both countries.