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Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Steffen

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Ebert, A., Hagen, H., Bierz, T., Deller, M., Olech, P., Steffen, D., Thelen, S.
SEE MORE: Improving the Usage of Large Display Environments. In: Virtual Realities - Dagstuhl Seminar 2008: pp. 161-180, Springer, 2011.


Deller, M., Thelen, S., Steffen, D., Olech, P.S., Ebert, A., Malburg, J., Meyer, J.
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Ebert, A., Deller, M., Steffen, D., Heintz, M.
„Where did I put that?“ – Effectiveness of Kinesthetic Memory in Immersive Virtual Environments. 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII), 2009 (invited paper).

Steffen, D., Ebert, A., Deller, M., Dannenmann, P.
five: Enhancing 3D Wall Displays with a 2D High-Resolution Overlay. Interact 2009, Uppsala, Sweden, 2009.


Deller, M., Ebert, A., Agne, S., Steffen, D.
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Deller, M., Dannenmann, D., Ebert, A., Reis, G., Steffen, D.
Stereoscopic 3D Views with In-Place 2D Overlays for a Medical Tutoring System; Accepted for publication in Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2008 (Short Paper, Poster Session)