Prof. Dr. Louise Kellogg

Publications (2)


P. Keller, O. Kreylos, Eric S. Cowgill, Louise H. Kellogg, M. Hering-Bertram, B. Hamann, and H. Hagen.
Construction of Implicit Surfaces from Point Clouds Using a Feature-based Approach. Scientific Visualization: Interactions, Features, Metaphors 2011, Dagstuhl Follow-Ups 2 Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Germany 2011


P. Keller, O. Kreylos, Marek Vanco, M. Hering-Bertram, Louise Kellogg, E. S. Cowgill, B. Hamann and H. Hagen
Extracting and Visualizing Structural Features Within Environmental Point Cloud LiDaR Data Sets, accepted in the Springer book "Topological Data Analysis and Visualization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications" (TopoInVis 2009 follow-up).