Prof. Dr. Natarajan Sukumar

Publications (3)


Hirschberger, C. Britta
co-authors: Natarajan Sukumar and Paul Steinmann

Computational homogenization of material layers with micromorphic mesostructure; Philosophical Magazine

Hirschberger, C. Britta
Coauthors: S. Ricker, P. Steinmann, N. Sukumar. Accepted for publication, published online

Computational multiscale modelling of heterogeneous material layers; Engineering Fracture Mechanics


Hirschberger, C. Britta
Co-Authors: S. Ricker, P. Steinmann, N. Sukumar Editors: D. R. J. Owen and E. Onate; CIMNE.

A computational homogenisation approach to material interfaces.; Computational Plasticity IX. Fundamentals and Applications.