Dr. Christoph Fünfzig

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Mueller, Kerstin, Luc Heischburg, Fuenfzig, Christoph, Petsch, Sebastian, Hagen, Hans


K. Müller, L. Heischbourg, Christoph Fünfzig, Sebastian Petsch, Hans Hagen
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K. Müller, Ch. Fünfzig, L. Reusche, D. Hansford, G. Farin, H. Hagen,
DINUS – Double Insertion, Non-Uniform, Stationary Subdivision Surfaces, ACM Transactions on Graphics, volume 29, number 3, pages 1 - 21.


Christoph Fünfzig, Kerstin Müller, Gudrun Albrecht
Visual Debugger for Single-Point-Contact Haptic Rendering. SE 2009 - Workshop Human-Computer-Interaction and Visualization (HCIV), pages 161 - 166


Christoph Fünfzig, Kerstin Müller, Dianne Hansford, Gerald Farin
PNG1 Triangles for Tangent Plane Continuous Surfaces on the GPU, Graphics Interface 2008, pages 219 – 226.

Christoph Fünfzig, Kerstin Müller, Rafael Janetzek, Torsten Techmann
A versatile hierarchical Mesh for Subdivision Surfaces. IEEE Potentials 2008, September/October 2008, pages 20 - 25.