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Juniorprof. Dr. Christoph Garth

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E. Deines, G. H. Weber, Ch. Garth, B. Van Straalen, S. Borovikov, D. F. Martin, and K. I. Joy
On the Computation of Integral Curves in Adaptive Mesh Refinement Vector Fields, In Scientific Visualization: Advanced Concepts, Dagstuhl Follow-Ups, Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz Center for Informatics

Alexander Wiebel, Cornelius Müller, Christoph Garth, Thomas R. Knösche
A System for Combined Visualization of EEG and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Tractography Data. Accepted for "Visualization and Processing of Tensors and Higher Order Descriptors for Multi-Valued Data", Springer


Fernandez-Prieto, D., Hagen, E., Engel, D., Bayer, D., Hernandez, J. H., Garth, C., and Scheler, I.
Visual Exploration of Location-Based Social Networks Data in Urban Planning. In: IEEE PacificVis Visualization Notes Short Paper Track, 2015.

Lars Huettenberger, Christoph Garth
A Comparison of Pareto Sets and Jacobi Sets, in Topological and Statistical Methods for Complex Data. Mathematics and Visualization. Springer Berlin Heidelberg: 125-141 (2015)

Lars Huettenberger, Nils Feige, Achim Ebert, Christoph Garth
Application of Pareto sets in quality control of series production in car manufacturing. IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), Hangzhou, China, April 14-17, 2015. doi: 10.1109/PACIFICVIS.2015.7156369.


Lars Huettenberger, Christian Heine, Christoph Garth
Decomposition and Simplification of Multivariate Data using Pareto Sets. IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. 20(12): 2684-2693 (2014)

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Cornelius Müller, David Camp, Bernd Hentschel, Christoph Garth
Distributed Parallel Particle Advection using Work Requesting. IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV) 2013, Atlanta, GA PDF

Lars Huettenberger, Christian Heine, Hamish Carr, Gerik Scheuermann, Christoph Garth
Towards Multifield Scalar Topology Based on Pareto Optimality. Comput. Graph. Forum 32(3): 341-350 (2013)


Natallia Kotava, Aaron Knoll, Mathias Schott, Christoph Kessler, Christoph Garth, Xavier Tricoche, Elaine Cohen, Charles D. Hansen, Michael E. Papka, Hans Hagen
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Simon Schröder, Harald Obermaier, Christoph Garth, Kenneth I. Joy
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M. Hummel, C. Garth, B. Hamann, H. Hagen, K. I. Joy
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G.H. Weber, S. Ahern, E.W. Bethel, S. Borovikov, H.R. Childs, E. Deines. C. Garth, H. Hagen, B. Hamann, K.I. Joy, D. Martin, J. Meredith, Prabhat, D. Pugmire, O. Rübel, B. Van Strallen, K. Wu
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Garth, C., Guo-Shi, L. Tricoche, X., Hansen, C., Hagen, H.
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Garth, C., Gerhardt, F., Tricoche, X,. Hagen, H.
Efficient Computation and Visualization of Coherent Structures in Fluid Flow Applications

Garth, C., Li, G.-S., Tricoche, X., Hansen, C. D., and Hagen, H.
Visualization of Coherent Structures in Transient Flows, Topo in Vis Conference

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Tricoche X., Garth, Ch., Bobach, T., Scheuermann, G. and Rütten, M.
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Garth, Ch., Tricoche, X., and Scheuermann, G.
Tracing of Vector Field Singularities of Unstructured 3D-Time Dependent Datasets. In IEEE Visualization 2004 Proceedings


Tricoche, X., Garth, Ch., and Scheuermann, G.
Fast and Robust Extraction of Separation Line Features, to appear in Proceedings of Dagstuhl 2003, Scientific Visualization Seminar


Garth, Christoph
Visualization of Complex Three-Dimensional Flow Structures, 2007


Garth, C., Li, G.-S., Tricoche, X., Hansen, C. D., and Hagen, H.
Visualization of Coherent Structures in Transient 2D Flows, in Topology-Based Methods in Visualization II, pp. 1-13, DOI 10.1007/978-3-540-88606-8