The IRTG performs excellent interdisciplinary research in the field of visualization of large and unstructured data sets.

Visualization of Large and Unstructured Data Sets

Up to now, visualization of large and structured or small and unstructured data sets is the state of the art. Large and unstructured data sets are still not very well understood, especially with respect to visualization.

Every visualization task is based on application data. For providing these data, we integrate applications from domains like “Geospatial Planning, Modeling, and Engineering”, which produce these huge amounts of unstructured data that are of interest for the planned visualization tasks.

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Enhancement of Visualization Techniques

The primary research goal of this IRTG is the enhancement of scientific and information visualization techniques applied to large and unstructured data sets.

In detail, we are handling visualization problems, with respect to modeling, feature detection, and comparison tasks. For doing this, both the extension of existing techniques and the development of new ones are addressed.


Cooperations with U.S. Partners

The IRTG benefits from several aspects of the cooperation with U.S. partners. We cooperate with the University of California (Davis), the University of Utah, Wright State University and Arizona State University.

The partners in the U.S. can provide huge data sets as well as advanced experimenting and simulation facilities.

Further, by integrating the students from the partner universities in the local research activities, the knowledge available at the partners’ sites will be shared.